BONDMOR was founded in 2015 by Alex Morris. After spending a few years in France developing his trades working on an array of developments and refurbishments ranging from chateaux to ski chalets, he returned home to Horsforth to start up his contracting company. Originally specialising in all aspects of plastering, Alex has developed BONDMOR from a small sub-contractor into a multi-disciplined contractor which offers unrivalled consultancy on ICF developments. Working with a variety of clients from local authorities to property management companies, Alex is still involved in the day to day running of the company and the development of new professional partnerships.

BONDMOR now undertakes consultancy for larger projects and the management and contracting of building projects, from complete home renovations to new builds. With a focus on modern methods of construction, BONDMOR takes a responsible approach to sustainability and environment.

Canal Mills


The name ‘BONDMOR’ was first devised for a textile company established by grandfather, David Eric Morris, in the late 1950’s. 

The name ‘BONDMOR’ has a few meanings: ‘Bond’, for adhesive bonding as well as signifying that ‘my word is my bond’ and ‘mor’ standing for Morris as well as ‘more’ i.e. bonds more or better.

More than 50 years after the establishment of BONDMOR Finishing Co. BONDMOR Innovations Ltd. continues to develop and promote innovative textiles processes operating from its office & workshop facilities at Five Lane Ends as well as at its Italian business in Valdagno.

When founding his company Alex Morris knew the family business name would suit perfectly.

As his business has grown into full site management & contracting, the family name and values are strongly cemented in the foundations of the work ethic and ethos of the company.





We believe you are only as good as your last job. We are extremely proud to tell you that 90% of our work comes from referrals.

We highly recommend BONDMOR to undertake all of your construction needs. They provide an excellent service to an exacting standard, created by themselves.

Landmarks UK. LTD, Leeds

BONDMOR were perfectly professional and accommodating and managed to create not only a fantastic new apartment but exceed all expectations.

AnnMarie & David, Stray Towers | Harrogate

BONDMOR took on all challenges (as we really did uncover quite a few!) and they managed to create a beautiful home from a real wreck.

Lucy, The Old Shop | Addingham

I can’t recommend them more!

Lynne, Meadow Garth | Bramhope

During the works the site was clean and all the workmen were lovely to talk to.

David, Westgate Arcade | Otley

It has become clear that BONDMOR are not normal builders and I have been so lucky to have found you.

Mike, Weetwood | Leeds

It is a delight to meet such hard working, pleasant and skilled men.

Jean, Bramhope | Leeds

Communication was excellent, I was aware of what was happening throughout.

Ann, Gomersal | Leeds